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Caring Alumni EcoCampus Trail Donation Scheme

About the Programme

About the programme

Alumni, staff and students of CUHK take pride in our beautiful green campus. The University is committed to preserving plants, birds and the ecological environment in which trees, flowers and medicinal plants are planted in many places on campus with a diversified collection of butterflies, dragonflies, amphibians and other animals.

Radiated from the Golden Jubilee Garden of Appreciation, a new landmark of CUHK located in central campus between Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and Y C Liang Hall in celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2013, the Caring Alumni EcoCampus Trail connects the nine colleges with the central campus and the Graduate School, and aims at educating the general public about our green campus. (Routing map: jpg/pdf)

With the unfailing support and care of our alumni, staff, students and friends towards CUHK, over 300 plaques have been sponsored along the Trail. Donations have been contributed to the academic research and college development of CUHK. Each plaque, in the form of tree tag or pole, shows a fauna or tree species on campus through the QR code. As a token of appreciation, the donor name was engraved on the plaque. [Example]


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