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I‧CARE Programme

The I·CARE Programme aims to inspire students to partake in social and civic services and facilitate the release of students’ holistic competencies so that they will be able to enhance the wellness of people in the local, regional and global communities. 

About I‧CARE

Launched in 2011, the I‧CARE Programme has been committed to offering informal whole-person education to students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) based on the I·CARE Framework and the motto of “Aspiration through Reflection; Renewal through Civility”.


“I‧CARE” is an experiential learning model introduced by CUHK to nurture its students to “acquire virtue through learning and temperance”.  The alphabets in I·CARE stand for five traits of a holistic person.  They are the qualities that CUHK strives to instil into its students:

 I : Integrity and Moral Development

C : Creativity and Intellectual Development

A : Appreciation of Life and Aesthetic Development

R : Relationships and Social Development

E : Energy and Wellness


The I·CARE Programme has been administered by the I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development since the 2016-17 academic year.  This Centre also offers or assists in various activities and services beyond the I·CARE Progamme to enrich student life. Among them is the management of a university-wide computer system, namely Student Development Portfolio, which was established for capturing and presenting students’ participation in the experiential learning activities in order to facilitate their planning of a fruitful university life.

Ms. Cris Kwok
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