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I‧CARE Programme

Promotes students’ holistic development and develops their long-term interests and commitment to serve the local and overseas communities through social and civic engagements

About I‧CARE Programme

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is committed to promoting students' holistic development through social and civic engagements in Hong Kong, mainland China and overseas countries. To help students develop a long-term interest and commitment to serve the local, regional and international communities by integrating their specialised knowledge with social and civic engagements in their life and future career, the University launches the I‧CARE Programme with an endowment fund of HK$100 million, with which the University hopes to contribute to sustainable personal growth, as well as the cultivation of true global villagers.

With the slogan 'Aspiration through reflection; Renewal through civility', the I‧CARE Programme is formulated on the basis of five elements of whole-person development, which the University aims to instil among its students:

I = Integrity and Moral Development

To develop an awareness of civic responsibilities and social justice, so as to be better able to make moral judgment and value choices.

C = Creativity and Intellectual Development

To stimulate creativity and apply academic and professional knowledge to help the needy in a cost-effective and culturally acceptable way.

A = Appreciation of Life and Aesthetics Development

To discover the intrinsic beauty of humanity and appreciate life in different cultures and civilizations through comparison and reflection.

R = Relationships and Social Development

To enhance spirit of team work and sharpen interpersonal and communication skills through collective efforts in the service of community.

E = Energy and Wellness

To achieve a higher level of physical and spiritual wellness through synergy among teammates, local community and professional groups.


The I‧CARE Programme adopts an integrated approach and supports a range of major categories of social and civic engagement programmes, including:

Ways to support

CUHK invites your support towards I‧CARE Programme to cultivate the humanistic spirit and enhance the social awareness of our students, bringing sustainable impacts to students and society.

Multiplying your donation

Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation has generously donated HK$10 million to inspire CUHK alumni to support the Programme. Every dollar an alumnus gives will be matched dollar for dollar up to a sum of HK$10 million.

Please click the following links for various convenient ways to give now. For donors from the U.S., please click here to download the donation form.

Ms. Vicky Wong
Tel.: (852) 3943-1932