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Graduating Class Gift Campaign

An opportunity for the graduating class to commemorate their graduation by giving back to their alma mater

The Graduating Class Gift Campaign is an opportunity for the graduating class to commemorate their graduation by giving back to their alma mater. The campaign provides each graduating class the chance to make a contribution to the development of the University, and enrich learning experiences for future students. Since its first launch in 2004, close to 10,000 graduates have rendered support to this very meaningful campaign. 

Your donation will be used to support the I‧CARE Programme, which aims to promote students' whole-person development. The I‧CARE Programme adopts an integrated approach and supports a wide range of social and civic engagement programmes, including service projects and self-initiated social research projects; social enterprises and corporate social responsibility measures and university lectures on civility. For more information about the I‧CARE Programme, please visit this website:

Various souvenirs will be given to you for donation of HK$100 or above in recognition of your support to this campaign. All the souvenirs are available while stock lasts. Click below and check out for the full list of souvenirs!
souvenir list


Thank you, my alma mater!


"I think it is very meaningful to support I·CARE Programme of CUHK, I hope my donation can encourage more students to participate in local and overseas volunteer services."

Wang Xifan / Cultural Studies 


Benny Kwong

"I really appreciate the learning environment of CUHK. I’m happy to assist the class and share my knowledge with the fellow students. The campaign offers us an opportunity to express our gratitude to alma mater, as well as nicely designed souvenirs." 

Lin Ka-yi / Psychology 



"People at CUHK are all with great aspiration and clear defined goals – and I enjoyed studying here. I am pleased to give back to my alma mater through this campaign and support  I·CARE Programme and students’ whole-person development."

Chan Cong  / Visual Cultural Studies 


Ms Carol Cheung
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